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1. How can I become an instructor?

You must first Register with Carricula at  While logged into your account, click on the Teach tab at the top of the page.  Your personal control panel in the upper left gives you the opportunity to submit your Course to Carricula.

2. How much will Carricula pay me?

On every Enrollment to your Course you're paid 80% of the Course price (which you also set!).  Carricula is paid a 20% commission.

3. Show me the Learning Widgets of which you speak…

Carricula's innovative suite of Learning Widgets is unmatched online.  Paired with FREE hosting, unlimited high-quality video uploads, Course development & design support, the ability to embed your course anywhere (just like YouTube), and more, check out LEARNING WIDGETS

4. What courses are already available?

As of August 1st, 2014, Carricula is in what's known as 'soft launch' mode.  This means we're live online, but in the 'baby steps' of our Course load actively building and recruiting the best Instructors.  James Beard Award-Winning Chefs, clergy, business icons, NY Times and Wall Street Journal best-sellers and more are currently completing their Courses for release on Carricula.

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